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Reverse Mortgage

Reverse Mortgage Loan – A to Z

What is a Reverse Mortgage? What is a Reverse Mortgage Loan? How does Reverse Mortgage work? What are the Pros & Cons of a reverse mortgage loan and is it right for you now or in the future? The right answers to these questions will be discussed in this video. Subscribe to our channel for…

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How Long Does it Take to Close on a House

How Long Does it Take to Close on a House?

How Long Does it Take to Close on a House? How Long Does It Take to Close on a House? Hello! It’s Christian from San Diego County HomeBuyers again, and it’s another beautiful day in America’s Finest City! In this video, I’ll answer the question, “how long does it takes to close on a house?”.…

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Appraisal: Quick & Easy Guide to Understanding the Appraisal Process

Appraisal: Quick & Easy Guide to Understanding Appraisal Process Understanding Home Inspections & Appraisals Hi everyone, welcome to San Diego County HomeBuyers channel. In this video, we’ll be covering everything you should know about a home inspection and an appraisal in order to raise your level of understanding and increase your confidence on this topic.…

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Can I buy a house with bad credit

Can I Buy a House With Bad Credit?

Can I Buy a House With Bad Credit? In this article, we’re going to review the Importance of Credit to Home Loans and answer the question: Can I Buy a House With Bad Credit? If you’ve ever asked, “Can I buy a house with bad credit,” you should know that your credit score is a…

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Mortgage Approval

Mortgage Approval – 5 Keys to Getting You Approved

Mortgage Approval – 5 Keys to Getting You Approved Interest rates are on the rise, and they have been for a while. As home values continue to rise, it’s a good time to get into a house before interest rates become a roadblock for homeownership. Especially in San Diego where median home values are around…

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Construction Jobs San Diego

Construction Jobs San Diego: Contractors Wanted! Instead of emailing, you can also apply directly here: Looking for a long term relationship with a repeat customer? Do you have experience in single family renovations, additions, new construction – big or small? THEN WE MAY BE A GOOD FIT FOR YOU! we are looking for licensed…

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Investor Real Estate Agent

Investor Real Estate Agent: Multiply Your Commissions NOW

The Investor Real Estate Agent Partnership: Learn how you can grow your business and be more profitable in 2017 by working with us to increase your profits and save you time! Working with investors as a real estate agent can be very lucrative for both parties. San Diego County HomeBuyers is looking to expand our…

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Where Can Millenials Afford to Buy Homes?

Where Can Millennials Afford to Buy a Home?

Children are indeed our future. And with the change in the economy that was brought about by the the recent recession, there are many markets where it seems as though our children will have a harder time owning a home than their parents before them. There has been a great change in buying power contrasted…

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How to Keep Your Tenants Happy

How to Keep Your Tenants Happy

When playing the role of the individual landlord in comparison to being a property owner who has apartment buildings and perhaps an on-site manager, there are unique challenges that will come your way. Furthermore, the challenges are even worse if you are trying to maximize what you earn from your rental property. The fact of…

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How Much Can I Really Afford?

How Much Home Can I Really Afford?

How much home you can afford really depends on how much cash you have to use as a down payment, as well as how much of a monthly payment you feel comfortable with. And of course, how much a mortgage lender will loan you. Obviously the larger the down payment you can afford, the less…

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