Investor Real Estate Agent

Investor Real Estate Agent: Multiply Your Commissions NOW

The Investor Real Estate Agent Partnership:

Learn how you can grow your business and be more profitable in 2017 by working with us to increase your profits and save you time!

Working with investors as a real estate agent can be very lucrative for both parties. San Diego County HomeBuyers is looking to expand our network across San Diego County and create an investor real estate agent relationship with a select group of preferred real estate agents.

Hi, my name is Christian Weatherspoon, and I’m the principle at San Diego County HomeBuyers (SDCHB, LLC). We have been helping homeowners sell quickly and easily and renovating homes since 2014. The benefits of an investor real estate agent relationship are numerous, including multiple commissions – sometimes even four from just one property. Also, for those hard-to-sell listings that might not qualify for traditional financing – we purchase with cash on the seller’s timeline.

Additionally, an investor real estate agent partnership is beneficial to our preferred agents because when we purchase and fix a home, they often times represent us as the seller. So our rehabs equal your pocket listings!

You can watch your network grow faster working with us, too! We’re connected to thousands of professional real estate investors and other service professionals in San Diego County and around the country. Simply put, working with us as one of our preferred agents will expand your network, and with growth like this, there will inevitably be a growth in your commissions earned.

Now there are many other benefits to the investor real estate agent dynamic, but it’s a lot to delve into here. If you’d like to learn more about how we can work together, I’m excited to hear from you! To get in touch with us, simply email: for more information. We will be in touch with you very soon!

To your success,

Christian Weatherspoon
Office: (619) 354-1171