Making Sense Of A Home Inspection

Making Sense Of A Home Inspection

As a buyer you must always have a home inspection performed no matter how great the property looks or how new it is. However home inspections can also be very lengthy, complicated and difficult to make sense of.

If you are not a home builder there will no doubt be a lot of terms that you do not understand and it can be quite scary when reviewing all the recommendations a home inspector makes. A thorough home inspection covers many items from the roof to foundations, plumbing, electrical wiring and much more. However thanks to the latest technology many home inspectors can now put together their report on the spot and print you out a copy complete with all of their findings. So make sure that you are there when the home is inspected and ideally insist on a home inspector who will give you a report right then. This way you can speak to them in person and get their interpretation of different items as well as their recommendations.

A home inspector is required to inspect many elements of a property and will put estimates of what it may cost to fix any issues. In an effort to do a good job this can sometimes make it sound like the home is about to fall apart and that it way cost many thousands of dollars to fix it up. However the home inspector will be able to tell you in person which items are really critical to be fixed right away and which ones you probably really do not need to worry about. While they are prohibited from actually doing any repairs themselves to prevent conflicts of interest they can suggest the most cost effective solutions. For example if there is a roof leak it may simply need a few squares or tiles replaced which may run a couple hundred dollars as opposed to a whole new roof which could cost tens of thousands.

Your Realtor and home inspector can also put you at ease and inform you of issues that show up that are actually very typical of the area you are buying in. For example in some areas of the country like Florida termites can be found in a large percentage of homes and in places like Texas foundation issues are quite common. Neither mean that you shouldn’t buy the home. In fact they can often be corrected very inexpensively.

After you have reviewed the inspection report and have gotten answers to all your questions you can then approach the seller to see if they are willing to take care of any major items themselves or renegotiate the purchase price to reflect a credit.

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